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biCker 15th September 2002 23:07

mobo doesn't start up
Weird problem here: last time used the system worked perfect, on next restart nothing happens, fans don't start, mobo itself doens't start, hdd or powerled doesn't come on, nothing happens at all when pressing the power button! On the mobo itself (IT-7) is a little green led that works when powersupply is attached but that's it. already changed psu, tried shorting the power switch...
What died on me, I suppose the mobo itself?

vegeta 15th September 2002 23:58

what do you mean with the green led?is it a led on our mobo, kind of diagnostic led system to detect where's the faillure? if it is check the manual for explanation of the leds. (don't have a it 7)

biCker 16th September 2002 00:53

no, the green led is always on when powersupply is attached to the mobo. there are two diagnostic leds but these don't come on, normally when you push the power button, they display a sequence like ff - c0 - c1 .....

lazybones 16th September 2002 06:45

try a bios reset with the jumper on your mb

biCker 16th September 2002 09:34

already did that, no use

lazybones 16th September 2002 11:22

did you try removing all the pci card if there are any ?

if so i supposse that the mb is f*ckt up.
or my know how is't sufficient.

maybe rma the thing(if it isn't older then a year)

biCker 16th September 2002 21:02

I was wondering: when ram or cpu are broken, the mobo should still do something, like fans that start working, right? I have no other ram or cpu to test, just to be certain I rma the right part....

jmke 16th September 2002 21:18

remove everything except PC-speaker
then boot
it should start beeping away

biCker 16th September 2002 21:28

just tried that, naked mobo except pc speaker, nothing, nada....
oh boy, this is not funny anymore, first vapo, then gf4, now this. :(

biCker 17th September 2002 19:22

now the sh*t has really hit the fan, my back-up system (tbird and kt7A) died an hour ago, same problem, now working on back-up back-up system !! If hw keeps breaking down at this rate, i'll be at mē with my old c64 :(
I believe there is something really really wrong with electrical installation in this house, when I touch my case I feel electricity all over...

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