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jmke 8th May 2004 18:24

Looking for HQ ATA100/133 HD racks
This morning I tried to copy 700mb from my Workstation to my fileserver. Halfway through the copy it hangs, explorer blocks.

Pinging my server gives 1000+ms with frequent time-outs. .. hmmm.

okay that's weird.
I first think it is a network problem, passed 1 hour testing different switches/hubs and network cards, no change.


Maybe it's the PCI Raid card I have in the file server, because when copying to a HDD which is hooked to motherboard the copy doesn't hang.

Change PCI Raid card with another one. retry... hang.


Only difference now between HDD which blocks with copy and HDD which doesnt block is the fact that one of them is in a removable HDD rack (ATA100 certified). Okay, removed all HD's from their racks, mounted them in case and hooked them up. Problem gone.

I'm pretty :mad: at those HDD racks I tell you!

Sidney 8th May 2004 18:33

Poor Molex connection??

jmke 8th May 2004 18:51

they were powered on all the time, I think it has more to do with connection of the ATA cable inside the HDrack

Sarcastro 8th May 2004 21:54

So did you try to replace the cable? Or put a spare harddrive in the HD rack in question?

jmke 9th May 2004 01:21

I removed all HD's from all HDracks and hooked them up directly to the mobo, have wasted enough time to get things going.. should have finished testing Hyper6 HSF, but that'll be for another day:/

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