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Xploited Titan 9th December 2008 10:56

Looking for a good, but cheap data recovery service

I got an external LaCie hard disk drive which had been ticking nervously on start a few weeks ago. Hearing that I decided not to start the hard disk again till I got something to save the data on.

Now, when I tried to get the hard disk back on, it makes a sound like a piece of cloth wiping a disc, motor doesn't seem to turn, or at least, not fast enough, hard disk doesn't appear on the hardware manager from windows.

I suppose the motor or the electronics are dead.

Now I'd like to recoup the 600+ GB I lost before investing in some Raid 1 system.

LaCie hasn't been of much help and they are too slow to my likings.

Ow, I'm located in Belgium, so preferably, I'd like to have something near my location.

jmke 9th December 2008 13:38

how much is your data worth? They will charge you by the megabyte, they will charge you just to know how much it will cost and if it is possible to recover. I would not expect cheaper than €500 for the recovery, rather double that.

Xploited Titan 9th December 2008 14:10

More than 600 GB it is. First firm I contacted told me it would be 1000 VTA excl. to 3000 VTA excl.

Most of the data can be found back on my friends HDD, but some files can't be found anymore (all were animes and doushinji) on the web.

In case I ask a recovery service to check, will they first send me a list of all the files they can recover?

If so, I might just spend like 100 bucks just to know what it's on it, then just ask the files I can't find on the web/at my friend's home, might become alot more cheaper.

jmke 9th December 2008 14:24

yes you can ask them to do a check to see what they can recover, this will indeed cost you something, €100 sounds about right for a first analysis

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