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RichBa5tard 14th December 2003 17:39

linux revolution?
First off all, I don't want this thread to become a MS <> GNU/Linux flamewar. Any critic without arguments will be removed on sight!

Who here hasn't given linux a shot? I must admit - as a informatics student - I waited a long time to try out linux, but oh boy, now that i did i really love it! The first month you're 'playing' with linux distro's you're going to have some annoying moments (especially if you have exotic hardware), but after that you will never want to switch back... well, it least i don't. : )

For those who haven't tried it, what's keeping you back? For those who did but switched back to windows. why? Have you got a legal Win / Office license?

If it's your first time using linux, i would *highly* recommend using a package like mandrake, suse or redhat ( /fedora). They might not be faster (or even be slower) than "better" linux distro's, chances of you having a running linux system within the hour are large.

After you think you know the basics and have some experience with the distro's mentioned above, try Debian or Gentoo. They might require a lot more effort to install / tweak, but it does pay off! A tweaked gentoo install is notacibly faster!

Most your popular tools have a good opensource alternative:
msn > gaim
outlook > evolution
ms office > openoffice 1.1 (fully compatible)
ie > mozilla (firebird), ...
dx games > nope :(
opengl games > yes (unreal clones, quake clones)

Only if you're a hardcore gamer linux isn't a good alternative... there's no dx support as far as i know. : /

As GNU / Linux have evolved exponantially the last 5 years, do you think this will bring MS in problems (as their next OS is not due for a few more years)?

jmke 14th December 2003 18:09

The main reason I don't use linux is because of the almost non existent cross-format support when it comes to file sharing & security. I have a multimedia PC with a R8500 AIW , the only way I can make DV firewire to work in Adobe Premier, while watching television on the desktop and a movie through TV-out on my TV is by using Windows.

the support of Linux is also something that hasn't quite caught up yet with M$, the main reason I think that most workstations out there are running Microsoft OS's.

OpenOffice runs also on M$ OS, so you only need to get that XP/2000 license.

up until Windows 98/ME, linux had the advantage of being a fast/robust operating system. But with the launch of Windows 2000 microsoft has taken the home market again , and the XP followup only increases its standard as the most all-around OS out there at this moment.

BlackRabbit 14th December 2003 18:11

I use Linux (SlackWare 9.1 ATM) for my servers, but still use W2k for the clients.. Why? Because most of the clients are used for gaming. Simple as that. For my servers I choose Linux because I do notice performance-increasings in comparison to W2K machines..
Especially my FTP is much faster and more stable then it used to be! (Linux SlackWare 9.1 + ProFTPd <-> W2K (Server) + Raiden).

Alse the costs of the software (0€ <-> many hundred's of €'s) makes me go to Linux for my servers..

The only client I installed Linux on was my laptop (in those days, when I began with Linux, I used RedHat 8.0 ) but stopped using it because it made my harddisk spin down & up every 5seconds!
I don't need to say this is not healthy!

Windows is faster on my laptop then Redhat was BTW (grafical mode ofcourse), but that's normal..

Servers don't have any grafical stuff installeb BTW, always use the CLI for configuring everything.. Wich is also véry nice in Linux: you can do anything via network, through text-commands.. In windows you'd have to install software like PCAnywhere, needing a lot of bandwith etc.

jmke 14th December 2003 18:17

Windows file sharing performance between Windows 2000 server and Windows 2003 has increased significantly, give it a twirl if you have the chance.

The remote desktop of Windows XP/2003 is also something which offers great support and tech. availability. But it costs an arm & 2 legs to get it implemented.

- Windows 2003 Server license
- Citrix MetaFrame XP license
- Windows terminal client license for every person who connects
- Citrix client license for every person who connects
- Microsoft Exchange server license
- Microsoft Client access license for every person who connects to the exchange server
- MS Office license for every person who connects to the terminal server.

You are looking at a total cost of over €25.000 , and that's only the software side, you need 3-4 servers to run it "half-fluent", add another €25.000.

Linux is still the most cost effective solution if you bussines doesn't rely on any "MICROSOFT ONLY"-products

RichBa5tard 14th December 2003 19:35

Linux has a remote desktop feature too (implemented in kde 3.1), and i see no reason why samba doesn't fullfil your file sharing / security needs?

@BR: on my laptop redhat 9 feels equally fast as winxp, but now it's running gentoo and it feels way faster. : )

jmke 14th December 2003 20:04


Originally posted by RichBa5tard
I see no reason why samba doesn't fullfil your file sharing / security needs?

RichBa5tard 14th December 2003 20:41

Do you use a domaincontroller at home??

jmke 14th December 2003 20:45

hmm wait.. what's my profession again?


so yes I use a domain controller, and no, it can't work together with current linux distro's :/

BlackRabbit 14th December 2003 22:08


Originally posted by jmke
hmm wait.. what's my profession again?


so yes I use a domain controller, and no, it can't work together with current linux distro's :/

Soon I'll replace my W2K DC with a Linux DC, we'll see what I'll get out of it ;)

@RB: I might try Gentoo or something else again on my laptop, some day..

But now I need it too much everyday, so for now that's a no-go...

FreeStyler 15th December 2003 02:29

Tried linux (debian)
It installed great, and then I got the CLI.
LS is as far as my 1337 linux skills go. And without a decent linux manual around it got binned. I got 2, both suck. Just like my HTML book. I gave up of third party handbooks at that point. I need a good tutorial, some step by step linux lessons.
I know my windows too well to part (it took me a year to switch from DOS to win 95)

I'd love to do it, just don't have the time and patience to mess with it.

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