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AngeluS 18th January 2006 07:51

Linksys WRT54G

I'm having some annoying issues with my router.
It works fine but sometimes I can't connect with my laptop (wireless).
And if I'm connected (wireless or cable) then I can't do anything anymore on the internet. I can't even connect to my router anymore. Only solution so far is rebooting (power off/on) of my router and then in less than 10 seconds everything is back up and running.
Could it have something to do with bitcomet? I noticed that this is always running when I get those problems.
But it only happens after bitcomet is running for several hours/days so maybe it has nothing to do with it. :bash:

kr15t0f 18th January 2006 08:41

got the same problem with a USR router 8003.

chrashes when I play livestreams with WMP.

offcourse this doesn't help you, but it saves me from making my own thread :p.

Bosw8er 18th January 2006 09:36

Rebooting the modem should be unnessary, disabling/enabling the wireless-lan-connection should do the same thing.

You can try:
* disable virusscanner + firewall
* different options NIC
* different options TCP/IP
* different options DHCP

Once had a combination of things fubaring my i-net connection: the router periodically checked the IP's on it's network ... the firewall on my pc blocked that signal ... resulting in a disconnection-reconnection of the LAN-connection every 10 minutes or so.

A-star 7th February 2006 13:28

The best thing to do is try another firmware on your router.

I can recommend this one:

follow the readme on his site.

Please use the forums at or for help in upgrading, configuring or to report a problem. There are a lot of people in these forums that are very helpful and knowledgeable, and you have a much better chance of getting your questions answered there.

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