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Kio 18th August 2013 20:45

Issues with M6E and HD4870x2
Hi ,

I have a lot of issues with my maximus 6 when I try to put the 4870x2 on it
Black screen ... But the card is ok on a maximus 5 ...
I've already try to introduce the pcie 2.0 in the bios settings before I change with the 4870x2 but still the same
just boot one time (I don't know why)
Same problem with a hd4870 gainward ...

Used pcie is not recognize at the boot ...

If you have an idea it will be helpfull for me :)
A few hardware points more for my hwbot profile if i can run the 4870x2 with my 4770k Under dice :-p

Ps : Congrats for the rankings
8th worldwilde ... Respect

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