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Beacon11 27th March 2008 18:40

Intel E8500 Running Too Hot
Hey guys. I would like to state first that I am not an overclocker. I don't tend to do anything that needs it, and this E8500 is a huge upgrade for me as it is. Not to mention that even though I'm a computer engineering major, I am not confident enough in my knowledge of this stuff to potentially put however much money I put into this system in jeopardy. Therefore, while reading everything I state below, keep in mind that everything I'm using is stock- including the teeny heatsink.

Anyway, here is what makes up my system:
Windows XP
Asus P5N-T Deluxe 780i motherboard
Intel E8500 Core 2 Duo 3.16Ghz 1333 FSB
ATI All-In-Wonder X1900 (yes I know... really taking advantage of that 780i, eh?)

Those are the basics. If anything else is needed, let me know. On to my problem:

I installed all of this stuff myself- I will admit that I have never installed a new processor / heatsink before, but gosh, how hard can it be? Put processor in, put a good pea-sized bit of silver thermal goo in the middle of the processor, squish heatsink on, and viola. Well yeah, as you can guess, first try resulted in a heatsink that wasn't properly secured (I turned the little screw thingies the wrong way...) and the processor quickly jumped up in temp and the mobo shut off. I just thought "Thanks Asus." and redid my heatsink job (new goo, etc). Now it runs just fine.
However, Referring to this website ( ) it seems that my processor should be operating well within 33 deg C and 47 deg C, even with the stock heatsink. It isn't. Using the Asus PC-Probe software that came with the motherboard, the default CPU alarm is set to sound at 60 deg C, and it sounded several times while I was installing Windows updates. I haven't done anything really intensive yet (i.e. played any games) for fear of really bumping the processor up... but just watching it while idling, it doesn't drop below 50 deg C. Guys... this heatsink is on tight! Thermal paste is spread well. CPU fan RPMs are usually around 2,000, I saw it bump up closer to 3,000 for a bit... but I don't really know what the norm is in that area. In the case, I have one 80mm intake fan, and two 60mm exaust fans. These are not hooked into the motherboard, just the power supply, so they're running full (I have this case: )
What is my problem, here? Bad case ventilation? Bad mobo sensor? Do I just need a better heatsink? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm kinda new to this area, as I said, so although I have knowledge of this stuff, I have no experience. Please keep this in mind. Thank you very much!

P.S. I realize that links are not allowed until after I have five posts under my belt. This is unfortunate, in that it really helps my explanation. Therefore, I have worked around it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and if my post is deleted I will obviously not be pleased, but will understand.

Beacon11 27th March 2008 18:45

By the way... if I do need to replace any fans / heatsinks, although I know that this is based largely on opinion, any suggestions would definitely be welcome! Two caveats, though: I would like to stay on air cooling, and LEDs on fans tend to get on my nerves. If the best one has lights on it, then I'll get it. But I'm not in this for the coolness factor, I'm in this for a very functional PC. I couldn't care less what it looks like.

jmke 27th March 2008 19:19

welcome to the forums :hello:

cause of higher CPU temps: your desktop case.
2x60mm fans as exhaust is insufficient for your hardware, X1900 runs hot, E8500 is high end too.

don't refer to temp on sites which don't state what case they used, what cooling for that case, and most importantly what room temp. they were running. XBit failed in the last aspect, and thus you shouldn't compare those temps with yours.

YOu don't have a faulty CPU or mobo, the temperature reported is correct. What CPU cooler are you using? Standard Intel?

I would try to remove the top panel of the desktop case and see how temps look then;

do know that the CPU can up to 70-80C (Intel spec!) without issue and thus try to see what temp you reach with the CPU under load

Beacon11 27th March 2008 19:55

Ah, very good to know! Thank you for the prompt reply :) . At least the case bit is easily fixable. For now, though, I'm gonna see if I can stick with this one. Also, yes, I'm using the stock Intel heatsink. It's tiny, I'm tempted to upgrade, but it sounds like it's sufficient. We'll see...
This is my solution, we'll see if it works (or at least helps): I just ordered a new 80mm intake, a nice, variable one that can push a heck of a lot of air, and two new 60mm exhausts, that also push a lot of air. I really don't care how loud it is! Then, in addition to those two, there's a little cross slat going across the processor near the roof of the case that's for structural integrity. In this slat is a hole basically directly above the heatsink that looks like it was made for an 80mm exhaust (yes, there's a vent in the case there as well). Therefore, I ordered another of those variable 80mm fans and I'll hook it as an exhaust right there. Do you think that'll help the processor temperature? I hope so... otherwise I'll invest in a new, larger case.
I'll be benchmarking this thing as soon as I get the chance- I was thinking of using OpenSourceMark, do you think that's alright? What would be suggested?

jmke 27th March 2008 21:39

3DMark06 in loop :)
also, set all case fans as exhaust, no in-take

geoffrey 28th March 2008 18:29

Not possible unless you buy it, take 3D mark 2001 instead, or pick a game which offers auto-benchmarking (via tools for example)

moose67 3rd July 2008 17:27

Hi Beacon

I have recently purchased a E8500 and fitted it in too an P5N-t.
Initally not knowing much about pc`s or what temps the proccesser should be I pressumed everything was fine. 3 weeks ago I was given some software for temp monitering etc so I started to taking a keen interest into the internal workings of my new comp.

My chip goes straight to 50c on bootup and within 5 mins is up to 57c. It will the idle at between 57c- 60c. If i started gaming it would hit 67c. Now in the last week since the temps in my house are up a little the Asus probe alarm is going off. Ive set it to 72c , its going off after 10 mins gaming time now.

I did not know what proccessers should run at but after reading posts in several forums it would seem that these temps are far to high. The case Ive used is the stacker 832. I have 10 x 120mm fans available for cooling and also ive tried 3 different HSF on it, including the crappy stock effort.

Im wondering if you have found out anymore info about this.? It would seem we are not alone with this problem.

I have contacted Intel and expressed my concerns, they`ve sent me a form to fill in with all my system info. Its as a long as a street and they want serial numbers for everything.

anyway if you have any info drop me a line please.


jmke 3rd July 2008 19:10

hey moose, seems like a loose fit of the CPU cooler, try reseating it on your CPU; might also want to look into a 3rd party heatsink as the stock E8500 Intel cooler is not worth much

moose67 3rd July 2008 21:59

Thx for the tips jmke

I should have said in my OP but would it would have been a bit long winded :)

Ive had an artic pro 7 and an Asus artic sqaure cooler on it. Ive not even bothered with the stock cooler.

It would seem the chip just runs hot regardles of what i do. I have placed a large desktop fan blowing in to side panel to make sure only cool air was going in. This only dropped the core temps by 2 degrees according to Core temp 0.99 .

Within 5 minutes of bootup core temps are hitting 57c - 60c. good knows what they are hitting when im gaming but ive set the Asus cpu alarm temp to 70c and it goes after 10 minutes playing.

It seems that asus is reading higher than Everest and Coretemp but even at those readings 57c + on idle does not seem right at all to me.

thx fot the reply .


jmke 3rd July 2008 22:21

hmmm that Asus Arctic Square should be able to cool your chip better than that. Is it currently installed on the CPU? What thermal paste did you use? Inside a Stacker 832 there should not be an airflow issue.

What's the room temp currently at your place?

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