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oshimaida 21st October 2009 12:05

intel 2140 dual core blackened pin contacts
Can any experienced forumites offer some advice on the above topic.
I bought the above cpu from a well known auction website and on first inspection when I opened the package I noticed blackened sections of the pin contacts, Hmmm!! thought ok its been trashed.Contacted the seller with my observations and guess what--no reply to my question is it blown?.
Well that leaves me with a choice bung it in a mobo and see if it posts or ask here! I don,t want a blown mobo too, so guys over to you on this one.
Also any advice on returns to Intel uk would be helpful I have trawled their web pages and yes it would be easy if it was bought thru an Intel authorised dealer-but I didn,t .
So I have to bin it if its" nacked"???

Gamer 21st October 2009 12:07

Can you post a picture ?

oshimaida 21st October 2009 13:51

Hi Gamer,
Yes I will do tonight, bit short on time right now, got to pick my grand-daughter up from school right now ,she,ll then hog my pc for a few hrs on bl---y Facebook.
Thanks for the reply

oshimaida 21st October 2009 20:04

1 Attachment(s)
Here is the photo you asked for -hope its resolution is good enough for you to view the darkened areas .I,d say now looking at it again the areas are "darkened" not burnt black ,if this helps

jmke 21st October 2009 20:10

what happens if you clean it of with rubbing alcohol? do the dark stains remain ?

oshimaida 21st October 2009 20:42

Hi Jmke,
yes just wiped it with isopropyl... and the staining is the same- still there and hasn,t lessened to any extent.
I,ve quite a few cpu,s 478,s thru to 5 series p4, 8 series duals ,9 series duals,e2 series 2140,2160,2180,e5200 and q6600 and ive not seen this before up to now I honestly thought intel cpu,s were bombproof.But just maybe the prev.owner of this one zapped too much current into it-nooby overclocker maybe.
What do you think?

JimmyJump 28th October 2009 21:38

Could be some form of oxydation, but since the former owner wanted to get rid of it and doesn't seem to reply, odds are that the chip is fried. Only way to know for sure is to test it on a mobo.

If the CPU fried, well then it's dead. If not, well... errr... not. Either way, chances are slim you also fry the mobo...

oshimaida 29th October 2009 10:38

Yes, thanks for that.
will drop it on my open platform when I finish my new rig build-on my build table at present.
Ive an Abit mobo I can try it on- I wont worry then if it trashes it.
Thanks for the concerned reply

Gamer 29th October 2009 18:16

Yes, I would just test it, you will not harm your motherboard.

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