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Violator 21st February 2006 17:17

Installing ECC Ram on a Asus A8N-VM CSM

I have a file server.
Asus A8N-VM CSM with a Opteron 144 and 512MB DDR Ram.

A few days ago i bought 2GB (4x 512MB) PC2700 ECC DDR Ram.

When installed this memory my server wouldn't boot, but it is supported by asus.

Some links and quote's where you can see it's supported:
Asus Specifications Site


Asus A8N-VM CSM User guide

1.7.2 Memory configurations
You may install 128 MB, 256 MB, 512MB, and 1GB unbuffered ECC/non-ECC DDR DIMMs into the DIMM sockets using the memory configurations in this section.


Specifications Site Asus

4 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 4GB
DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 ECC/ non-ECC,un-buffered memory
Dual Channel Architecture

Everything is stock nothing is OC'ed.

My settings in bios for ECC are these:

ECC Configuration:
*DRAM ECC Enable [Enabled]
**MCA DRAM ECC Logging [Disabled]
**ECC CHip Kill [Disabled]
**DRAM BG Scrub [Disabled]
*L2 Cache BG Scrub [Disabled]
*Data Cache BG Scrub [Disabled]

I tried other settings but with none my system would boot.

The lastest bios is installed, i tried to install the previous one but afudos wouldn't do it. Neither dit EZ flash or Asus Update.

Is there someone who could give me some information or who could help me with this problem.

Running WS2K3 with only 448MB RAM isn't the best combination.

Violator 21st February 2006 17:40


Just find out my ram is ECC Registered, which means it can't work with this mobo.

It's seems registered = buffered.

Didn't knew that :(

jmke 21st February 2006 17:54

can you take them back to the shop?

Violator 21st February 2006 17:58

Bought them on tones forum.

If you want them, i bought them for 120.

jmke 21st February 2006 18:01

why would I want them? :)

Violator 21st February 2006 18:05

review :D

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