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trukie 1st June 2005 22:10

installation failure of brand new (ORIGINAL) games
Last weekend I tried to install DTM 2, no problem at all, lots of free hard disk space, hardware requirements met etc....
During the installation, only 1 option (minimal install or full install) to choose, but no matter what I choose, the installation goes on until 99 %, and then quits with an error (installshield failed installation). Only option is to click finish install, and when doing this the complete directory where installation was done, is removed.
I had exactly the same problems with the installation of DOOM3 and spiderman 2.
I also tried to copy the 99% installed directory, but this copy couldn't start up.
My first idea was that my firewall was preventing writing in the registry, so stopped firewall and virusscanner, re-installed, but no luck. Installing up to 99% and then 'clean it up'

Any idea how to solve this ?

I can guarantee that I'm using the official installation CD's for all three games, I have the license keys and everything I need, but even these original CDs fail installation.

jmke 7th February 2006 13:26

leads to believe that the install shield software is having a conflict on your system... do some research on google & the install shield software; might be a known issue

AngeluS 7th February 2006 14:04

it is a known issue.
Heard about those problems in discussions about doom

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