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piotke 11th February 2009 23:02

Install windows by copying install files.
I here have a portable that cannot boot from USB, and has no optical drive. But I want to install windows XP.

What I did, is using a bracket simply connected the hard disk to my PC, and then installed the Windows on that drive. Put it back in the portable, it starts, but then hangs on a black screen. I guess some default drivers not ok.

Any solutions ? I was thinking of copying all the files from the CD to the hard disk and then launch installation from the portable. But how :)

piotke 11th February 2009 23:11

I'll also try a sysprep tomorrow;

jmke 12th February 2009 08:13

most likely device driver issue; storage controller.
what kind of laptop is it?
on what kind of system are you "preinstalling" the XP?

is there a floppy drive available?

piotke 12th February 2009 08:30

There is no external drive.

Installing on a E5200 + nvidia chipset board, and want to use it on a P3 based portable. 7 year gap :)

jmke 12th February 2009 08:49

do you still have a driver CD of this laptop? what kind of portable?

piotke 12th February 2009 09:08

Dell C400. Drivers can be found on the dell site, that's not the problem.

jmke 12th February 2009 10:13

install all those drivers on the XP system before you move it to the C400

piotke 12th February 2009 11:02

Doesn't do the trick.

Extra question. How can I install dos on the harddisk and make it bootable. Only dos. So that I can copy the data folder from he cd and launch so the installation.

jmke 12th February 2009 11:14

Format the laptop HDD as FAT16/32 in Windows XP

Do you have a floppy drive in your main PC?
create 98SE bootdisk floppy;

on your main PC, disconnect all HDD drives except lappy HDD, reboot your machine with the 98SE floppy. Do a "sys C:" at the command prompt, this will copy the DOS system files to your HDD an make it bootable;

afterwards you can reconnect all other HDDs reboot in XP and copy the i386 folder from your XP cd

piotke 12th February 2009 11:20

don't have floppy either. Will try with windows 98 CD

piotke 12th February 2009 11:22

Ok, So I can boot into dos using the CD (all files in ramdrive).

Sys c:, or even simply sys is an unknown command

jmke 12th February 2009 16:27

Windows 98 makes a ramdrive with all the tools, this will be mounted to another drive letter, R: or something, you need to first go to that drive before you can access the commands.

you can also write the to CD using nero , referencing to the boot img , it's a special function

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