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Bosw8er 19th September 2003 16:46

IE massive page reload
I was reading the raptor review on

... page 4 read ... click for page 5 ...

page was "not available", i clicked reload.

Suddenly the IE screen starts to flicker VERY rapidly (strobo-like). My titlebar was quickly filled entirely with new screens.

Had to unplug the nic as alt-f4, alt-ctrl-del, did not work.

Even after i unplugged the nic i couldn't kill IE. Nor with taskmanager, nor with a run command, ... had to reboot.


jmke 19th September 2003 16:59

bugs ahoy

the maniak 19th September 2003 17:17 is a strange site

sometimes it loads quick

sometimes i get the 504 error and when i hit F5 it loads....

jmke 19th September 2003 17:18

I think it's fair to say has an extensive user base, and sometimes the webserver just chokes.

the maniak 19th September 2003 17:28

probably thats the problem

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