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DyNaRaX 22nd January 2006 19:37

I used to have a 120 Gb IDE disk with three partitions:

C: OS + programs (40Gb)
D: games (40Gb)
E: downloads and other junk (40Gb)

Today a got me an extra 160 Gb sata drive.

Because sata is faster then ide I would like to make my sata my bootdisk but if possible without reinstalling XP.

I have Norton Ghost 9 but I never worked with it before.

Is there anyone who can give me a step by step explication how to ghost the ide to the sata?

What about the ghost options? Copy MBR, set active partition, ....

I would like to have the following setup:

C: OS + programs (40 Gb) sata
D: games (40Gb) sata
E: downloads and other junk (80Gb)
F: test and backup (120 Gb) ide

jmke 22nd January 2006 19:48

I'm convinced you won't notice a performance difference between the 160Gb SATA and 120gb IDE drive;

while the SATA interface has a higher theoretic limit, the truth is that the drive can not provide enough data fast enough to fill the interface, therefor the difference between the 2 interfaces is neglible

the only drive which NEEDS SATA in order to perform better that I know of , is the WD Raptor series

Rutar 22nd January 2006 20:07

Drives get faster over time due to the higher density on the platters and this one might be a single platter seagate which were a special offer from Newegg recently. Really a good thing to use as system disk, especially because less platters = less noise :)

stillstupid 10th February 2006 13:43

Maybe you may use your old IDE HDD,for example, surfing,maybe with some different OS than XP on your new disc,and disable IDE when working on SATA and opposite.Before connecting,create some guest account(don't surf as the administrator!),it's much safer.;)
I know that was not your question,but maybe you'll find it usefull.I'm doing something like that,and 'till today no malicious program(s) "visited" my "main" SATA disc (PATA was formated/reinstaled OS many times,but that's not a problem,at least in my case).I don'tknow much about computers,but i'm glad if i helped or give an idea to anyone.Greetings from cloudy Croatia(special :hello: to jmke!)

jmke 10th February 2006 14:16

AV software + don't click randomly "yes" on the internet = no spyware/virus in the last 5 years on any of my PC's

stillstupid 13th February 2006 13:21

Yes,but AV software costs+ refreshing database constantly needed,and still requires knowledge about proper settings.If not set properly-false feeling of security.My way requires to spend some time to reinstall "secondary" OS sometimes(not often,really,enough time to surf between two reinstals).
And who may resist to not click "YES" sometimes?:^D
By the way,jmke,anything about DVB-T receivers(visit my last thread,please)?Your opinion is allways welcomed:ws:

jmke 13th February 2006 13:52

no experience here with DVB-T receivers, sorry.

AV software can be had for free:

stillstupid 14th February 2006 11:18

Thanks man,anyway!

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