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DyNaRaX 27th December 2004 14:17

ide to sata
I'm thinking to buy a second harddisk, a sata disk. I now have a 120 gig maxtor on my IDE1.

I would like to use the new sata disk as a boot disk, sata is faster than the IDE disk.
Is it possible to ghost the IDE disk to the sata disk and then boot from the sata disk and use the IDE disk as a second disk (backup)?

So I would like to use the Sata disk as bootdisk without reinstalling my whole pc.

wutske 27th December 2004 14:27

It is possible. Some (newer) ghost software can ghost in windows (w/o rebooting), but others will work in dos.
Now, sometimes it works if you enable the SCSI drivers (I know you can in Norton Ghost), but sometimes you will have to copy the driver disk to the DOS drive (same again, I know it can be done in norton)

DyNaRaX 27th December 2004 14:35

ok the ghosting is possible and how do I fix it to boot from the sata instead of the ide? I guess in the bios, sorry for the questions I'm a sata noob.

I read that you need to install sata drivers when installing windows on a sata drive, how do I fix that?

Bosw8er 27th December 2004 14:49

Install sata-drivers on IDE-partition.
Image IDE-partition and copy to sata drive
(re)boot from sata drive

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