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DyNaRaX 14th February 2004 17:59

IDE question
is it smart to put an ata133 disk and an ata66 on the same ide cable (ide1) or will it result into a speed loss for the ata133 drive?

The current situation is:
Ide 1: Maxtor 120gb 8mb cache
Ide 2: Backup disk (ata66) 10gb and combo dvd/cdrw

If would like change it to:

Ide1: Maxtor 120 + backup disk
Ide2: dvd/cdrw + cdrom drive

Please advise

FreeStyler 14th February 2004 18:36

just a small Q: why bother with a CD rom drive?

Anyway, it shouldn't interfere with it's speeds, but if the ata 66 drive is working the ata 133 will have to wait till it's done, and that will take a bit longer then if it would be alone on the cable.

DyNaRaX 14th February 2004 20:53

the cdrom drive is usefull for copying cd's. I prefer using it instead of having it lying on my desk.

The ata66 disk is not used very much, it is just used as backup, instead of burning my documents and mails onto cd every week I copy them to the old hd.

So the Maxtor will only be slowed down when the ata66 is in use, but when working in windows or while loading games (installed on the Maxtor) it will still have the same speed as now (alone on the ide channel).

FreeStyler 14th February 2004 21:04

it should.
And still, copying CD's is always safer with a temp file on HD.
You're free to do as you please, but I'd leave it out.
Less cable mess, and more air in the case. It can only help.

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