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I think my Tachyon is Brochyon I think my Tachyon is Brochyon
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I think my Tachyon is Brochyon
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Old 26th June 2003, 05:34   #1
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Default I think my Tachyon is Brochyon

I can't run 3DMark2001/2003 without severe articfacts on my Tyan G9700 Pro. The only repreive i get is lowering VPU/mem both to 300MHz, this stabalizes the card, but still it seems as if it's just at the brink of artifacts. Couple a weeks ago my system was crashing randomly, and the first stage was a video driver, or it drop to 640x480 resolution, and 4-bit (and that was a new one on me). Then I'd either have time to save, or it just reboot. After rebooting, no problems until two hours later. I thought it was the Abit IS7-E's first shipping BIOS, so I flashed it to newest, and it seemed to stabalize.

I have not overclocked this card except breifly, anf for a $379 card I couldnt squeeze 700MHz off the memory if I put dry-ice on it. The VPU, wouldn't get above 370MHz. Man I've yet to get a decent videocard. Any suggestions? WindowsXP says it's device-driver? I'm using Cat3.4, and default, voltage are at deafult, although I've raised the AGP as high as 1.6V, but that's not damaging is it? Power Supply is PCPower&Cooling Silencer400W.
Npw I'm hearing their lower end PSU's are made by Sparkle? Just shoot me.
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The first logical step is: try it in an other machine and use all default settings (machine not oc'ed, default catalyst drivers perhaps and so)
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What-ya-think I got PC's lying all over the dang floor? Just kidding. IN fact that's a very intelligent suggestion. I'm going to try it in my AMD rig with fresh drivers, thereby eliminating, or verifying if it is in fact the card or some other anomally. BUT what I like BEST about your suggestion, is it's so common sense, I NEVER would have thought of it THANK you!

I see in my thread I haven't removed that as my Primary rig, I'm actually running the Tyan, in an Intel 2.4C Abit IS7-E combo. Thanks
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Liquid - overclocking is never guaranteed to work, can infact decrease component lifetime & usually does have influence on stability. Always go with little steps if you do try it, and indeed -as Teus suggests try reverting to defaults and try the card in another system. Also check for anomalies like fans that aren't working, heatsinks & fans that aren't making contact to the chips they are cooling & abnormally hot secondary components (e.g. voltage regulators). Also - I hope you do not have any other devices on the auxilliary powercable you need with this card (especially not motorised devices) - these can cause noisy powerinput to the videocard. PC Power&Cooling are reported to have good powersupplies, but are rather expensive. They usually OEM Zippy/Emacs' supplies I believe.
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Originally posted by
Liquid - overclocking is never ...
expensive. They usually OEM Zippy/Emacs' supplies I believe.

Welcome David ! Glad 2 have u aboard
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