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StaRflaM 1st May 2004 21:26

i think HD prob
Ive got some prob's overhere,...

my pc reboot's when i'm not working on it :(

i think it's my old Maxtor 40gig wish is my boot HD because when it reboots it shows the mesage
"NTLDR Not Found Plz press CTRL+ALT+DEL"

but when i do that he give's me the same mesage, but when i turn him off and and back on he boots like there nothing happened.

and he does the reboot to when i'm defragging the HD :(

if he's death i'll get another one monday, 120gig 8MB cache will do, and i will put it in my server bot as boot HD ;)

ow yeah forgot something.... i downclocked him again and still give's the signal :)

wutske 1st May 2004 23:17

I have a similar problem. WindowsXP doen't start anylonger and now he says 'NTLDR not found'. I found some info here , but nothing worked (think I (actualy, Norton Ghost first did) screwed the MBR)

FreeStyler 2nd May 2004 10:20

download POWERMAX utility and test that drive.
It might be able to fix it.

StaRflaM 2nd May 2004 12:39

well, i'm gonna buy me a new one and then i'll use powermax, because i think the isn't bootable anymore :(

btw this morning i found him after booting refusing to boot because there was a missing file from the system32 map :(

but hey now i'm moosing on my server, it's fun :D

FreeStyler 3rd May 2004 00:38

powermax is a boot disk using caldera open DOS
it's an all in one installer.

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