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Liquid3D 2nd July 2004 06:35

I'm Dying Over Here (To the moon Alice)
I continually get random reboot's (system crashes) about 20-min to 45-minute's after starting my PC? This didn't happen on my AMD A64 3400 with the X800Pro, but since I've moved the card into my Aus P4C800E-Deluxe, it's crashing like clockwork.

The error I get from the report, is below. I "Searched the Knowledge Base" and forums, and just can't find this. Can anyone tell what's happening, because I can't run Dreamweaver and do ANY work, and I can't be online for any extended period. These crashes occur at random times, and usually when I'm simply typing away in Dreamweaver, or transferring files. The PC doesn't seem to crash when running intensive benchmarks, or even Pifast. I treid Memtest and such and it's not the memory. Tried swithcing it out etc. Checked the PSU, CMOS cleared, all settings tried Enabling/Disabling Spread Spectrum, tried Spyware, Vurus scans. It seems to occr when running Outlook ExpressI've even reformatted the partition and installed a new version of XP, and the problem still occurs. While it almost seems as if it's a virus, or registry problem, it's also rebooted while installing window's leading me to beleive it's hardware. I haven't overclocked, nor overvoolted this card, and it's been running great. My PC is running very cool between 20C to 30C that be both system, and CPU temps. I've been watercooling, and when I'm not reviewing (testing) I have a fan blowing into the case, and an air conditioner on?

FreeStyler 2nd July 2004 08:55

Well, you tried the main part. Being memtest 86.
Try both memtest 86 3.1 and memtest 86 plus 1.20, they should both be based on the same base program however.
Also run them in extended test mode (type c-2-3-0 in sequence)

Next up would be testing the hard drive, or trying with another one. (use the test program from the manufacturer of the harddrive, seagate: seatools, maxtor: powermax, IBM-hitachi: DFT, WD: WD-diag)

Next up, the basic system tests, being prime 95 for a day.
Usually I stick a 3D mark or Aquamark after this, but this isn't a 3D based problem. Maybe PC mark would do the trick. Just loop it a bit.

If no individual test gives errors, but you're still convinced it's hardware related. The only thing left to do is replacing the hardwre, one at a time, probably best to start with the motherboard.

Gamer 2nd July 2004 08:57

did you do a windowsupdate, run the latest drivers,.... ?

jmke 2nd July 2004 09:50

Did you enable fast writes in the BIOS?

Sidney 2nd July 2004 13:45

"This didn't happen on my AMD A64 3400 with the X800Pro, but since I've moved the card into my Aus P4C800E-Deluxe, it's crashing like clockwork."

Could the vcard be the cause of crashes since it is the only component switched?

Gamer 2nd July 2004 14:06

check this out :

jmke 2nd July 2004 18:44

offtopic: @L3D : check this thread please:

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