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FreeStyler 23rd August 2004 16:42

hotmail login problem
I'm sitting behind a PC that won't login to hotmail.

I get the setup screen, and I can fill in username and password. But the next screen is completely black and IE says ready at the bottom.

I'm currently typing this on my laptop that is connected to the net trough internet sharing, and here it works fine with several accounts.

Anyone know where somthing has gone wrong, an IE setting or some missing files???

Sidney 23rd August 2004 16:54

Hotmail is not the default email account/client.;)

FreeStyler 23rd August 2004 17:04


This is the site that gives the problem. security is no problem, it's a temp account.

if I logon on another PC, and C&P the URL over to the other PC, hotmail works fine.

flush dns, clearing the temp files, and cookies. As well as restoring default settings didn't work.

jmke 24th August 2004 13:39

what do you mean with "temp" account?

Windows uses a temporary account if a roaming profile of the user can not be loaded, this account is limited in the resources it can use.

but I don't think this is the case here.

another browser doesn't work I presume?

FreeStyler 24th August 2004 15:24

the hotmail account is temporairy. As in, login and pass are no secret.

installing another browers wasn't an option for these peope.

I'll be going back thurseday, and I read something about allowing meta refreshes.

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