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4PLaY 11th March 2009 00:53

HELP. X-FI Xtrememusic DELL OEM - no Dolby/DTS
Hi all,

I have an OEM Xtrememusic, on the board it says SB0460, but on the says something like MASB0467****** - This thing came with a DELL Dimension, and I think it is a DELL OEM. Now my problem lies in the fact that I could never for the life of me get the Decoder TAB to show up in audio console, plus the logos of Dolby and DTS, also does not show up in the main screen of the console launcher. I already know that DELL oems are crap coz they say DTS and Dolby are supported via software only e.g. PowerDVD, but I also know some people have gotten it to work with some modded drivers or the like. Now a few things I need to know that someone here might be able to answer.

1. If there are modded drivers/software suite out there like YouP-PaX that does what I want, which ones do I get, and what is the order of things that I would install them? I kinda need a guide to follow.

2. I've also noticed that the X-FI Platinum and the Xtrememusic are essentially the same card, I want to be able to Flash my card and turn it to a Platinum so I don't need modded drivers/software suite. If this is too much to ask, I would just like to Flash my card with a RETAIL Xtrememusic BIOS/Firmware, for the same reason, so I don't need to use modded drivers/software suite.

Posted this in the wrong forum. still need answers.

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