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Liquid3D 22nd January 2009 01:59

Help recovering jpg's
I need a free program to recover files lost after a Windows-XP re-install. I had accidentally chose Yes when it asked if I wanted to overwrite or Format the drive.

All I need back are the photo's I took snapshots of Excel files in jpg format so those have all the test data for about four reviews and all photos for every review product I have... Even with two hard drives and two systems and I'm still loosing data umph I was telling my mom as a Diabetic eating an entire cheese cake may not be in her best interest with a sugar load of 500

I have tried Easeus, File Recover 2.3, Pandora, etc. There are many options at Download C/NET but ones that are "Free to try" only scan and perhaps allow to view, to retrieve you must buy the software.

Please help.

I found a product last year that worked really well and was freeware but can't recall its name must have got erased hehe)...

jmke 22nd January 2009 08:07

as mentioned in the email "getdataback for ntfs"
however if you overwrote the original partition chances are real the files are gone

wutske 22nd January 2009 09:59

I usualy use Handy Recovery 1.0 (free version), it's not the most powerful tool, but maybe it works ;)

You also could try using linux, I've found a nice video tutorial for it, but I have no clue whether it works for ntfs systems.

Liquid3D 22nd January 2009 16:21

Thank you

I am going to try both. I am almost positive I didn't re-partition the drive because I realized what I'd done shortly after clicking on "Format drive" etc...

jmke 22nd January 2009 16:24


I need a free program to recover files lost after a Windows-XP re-install. I had accidentally chose Yes when it asked if I wanted to overwrite or Format the drive.
from what I understand from this quote here is that you reinstall XP over a current one where the data is? or did you only format the HDD but did not write new data to it?

Liquid3D 22nd January 2009 19:50

I re-installed XP Professional where the old XP was. The Operating system is about the only data "written" over anything else. I believe it was the Format feature which did the trick. I got some files back with Panda but their in rough shape.

jmke 22nd January 2009 20:28

yup, if you overwrite the data chances are slim you'll recover :(

Liquid3D 23rd January 2009 00:03

The program you suggested was superior to all but it still requires you have a license before you can free up the files it found.

I have found a work around but its very time consuming.

Liquid3D 23rd January 2009 11:19

I can't begin to thank you for sharing that program with me. I lost everything, and as back-logged as I am this would have made things infinitely more difficult. Especially on products where the photos were taken, they were tested and charts were done. There is at least one item which was tested then failed because of the low ampere breakers in the aprtments here. Since utilities are included in Rent, they want to keep costs as low as possible. You can't run two pc's at once and then turn on the AC and vacuum. It took me two years to figure out it was the absence of current which most often damages PSUs. I lost a PCPower 1kW, Tuniq 1.2kW, and several others.

One more question. You wouldn't have the "key" to this software so I can simply restore multiple files instead of "viewing" each file found, then taking a snapshot of each using MWSnap. I am grateful I can even view these jpegs but its taking almost as long as it would to re-photograph them all.

jmke 23rd January 2009 12:11

what application did you use to check for deleted files? several have been mentioned now in the thread:)

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