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TeuS 13th April 2004 14:15

HDD troubles
it was after-life LAN this weekend. i format windows partition, reinstall windows. i forgot to backup a few folders so i use getdataback for NTFS. windows locked up and i rebooted.

- winxp doesnt boot. it stays on the bootscreen
- win2000 on other partition: same
- repair or install windows: locks up when scanning HDD

- put HDD in other PC:recognized in BIOS, not recognized under windows

only solution: lowlevel format, but ive got all my data still on the drive so thats no option

only under linux the HDD WORKS. but the linux NTFS drivers suck, i both get errors with my own kernels as with the default 2.4.x kernel with NTFS patch. after ive copied some data I get DMA/IRQ errors and i have to reboot

i am now under Knoppix 3.3 booted from CD. and im about to loose it.noppix hangs when it reads the NTFS partitions

anyone knows a way to recover the data? :(
:( :(

jmke 13th April 2004 14:22

if the drive doesn't work under windows with another install your pretty much sc*wed

TeuS 13th April 2004 14:34

yes I know

- i can install linux on other partitions so the HDD nor mainboard arent broken
- i can read the other NTFS partitions but the drivers always locks up. tried three different kernels and its always the same

jmke 13th April 2004 14:41

don't go the linux way, linux doesn't support NTFS properly.

if you hook the drive up to a windows install you don't see it in the disk manager??

TeuS 13th April 2004 14:44

nop. tried it both with terangreal and rub87's computers :(

i'll go buy a SATA -> PATA adapter I think, and try it on another PC

jmke 13th April 2004 14:59

and in both computers they had SATA drivers installed in Windows?
were they using SATA drives in their systems?

TerA's system has PATA drives, so it's fairly possible that no SATA drivers were present in the OS.

TeuS 13th April 2004 15:02

I don't know :(

jmke 13th April 2004 15:08

take a small PATA drive, install WinXP on it, install SATA drivers of your motherboard on that install.

shutdown, hook up SATA, make sure it's enabled in the BIOS.
boot in Windows and verify

TeuS 13th April 2004 15:08

I'll try to visit a friend tonight with SATA mainboard + 2*80GB drives that are almost empty

TeuS 14th April 2004 22:04

partition table damaged + lots of bad blocks on the HDD

getdataback hangs when after it has read too many bad blocks. it crashes quickly after starting scanning the beginning of the HDD, when I start to scan elsewhere (with fewer bad blocks) it also hangs after a while :(

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