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stillstupid 14th February 2006 11:27

HDD Temperature 1.4.206.msi
Does anybody having any expirience with this utility software(HDD temp. monitor supposed to be).Because,i'm suspicious a bit about his "utility" intentions,seems more like,to me ...damn,i hope it's not...

jmke 14th February 2006 11:31

try this tool: [g]dtemp+download[/g]

stillstupid 15th February 2006 12:11

Thanks,i'll try!...and about my previous question,what do you think,is it harmless software?:(

jmke 15th February 2006 12:22

I don't know the util

does [g]HDD+Temperature+1.4+spyware[/g] come up with anything?

edit: yep it does


Softpedia guarantees that HDD Temperature SCSI 1.4.206 is 100% CLEAN, which means is does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

stillstupid 24th February 2006 11:06

I tried to uninstall this software,and "add/remove programs" in control panel failed to finish process(freezed!:( )
I stopped process and tried to delete some folder remained manually,but action was not permitted!That become susp. to me!And i think,while program is "running",that he's showing some random values of HDD temperature (i tried to get HDD out of case while comp. was running,and after cca 10-15 minutes-temp. remains almost the same!!?-cca+-2deg.Celsius).That's weird,right?
And i downloaded that soft. from antivirus protected comp.(on my job place).
I'll try to run that dtemp parallel with it,and we will see...

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