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Da_Boka 6th June 2008 15:55

The great ressurection of me :)

First of all, some of you may still recognize me, it has been some years since i've posted here.
2-3 years ago, i gave up everething about computers/overclocking/cooling, I whas tired of it. It was the beginning of DDR2 and almost no ( good ) AGP cards where available to upgrade my pc.

So i turned to Apple and bought myself a macook pro, and togethere with that i gave up gaming.

After a half year i bought myself a WII, i couldn't hold myself and had many fun hours with it. but then it happend, i had the feeling from gaming again :). And i started gaming on my laptop, it's like this for over 6 months now. But gaming on a laptop isn't as much fun like gaming on a pc with a bigscreen monitor.

Thats why i'm here and I need your help!
I need a new pc, but since i've been so long out of the buissness i don't know what to get, i've searched a bit and came up with this next setup.

Plz tell me what do you think about it.
what do i need to change? Keep in mind i whant to overlock this baby a bit, but still want to keep it quite ( something in between is ok )!

psu:Zalman ZM600-HP (Retail, SLI Ready)
mem: OCZ 4GB 1066-555 XTC Plat
gpu: Asus EN8800GTX/HTDP (Retail, TV-Out, 2x DVI-I)
hd: WD raptor 150G
mobo: Asus P5K WS (Retail, FireWire, RAID, 2x Gb-LAN, Sound, ATX)
proc: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8400 (Boxed, FC-LGA4, "Wolfdale")
Optical: Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7200A (Bulk, Zwart)

The only thing I don't know what to chose it the cooler and if the motherboard is good enough?

Thx in advance

jmke 6th June 2008 15:59

Welcome back! :hello:

8800GTX only interesting if you find it very cheap otherwise go for 8800GTS 512Mb or 9800GTX. Or wait 1 month and check out AMD HD 4850 or 4870.

CPU, mobo, ram etc are all good, for gaming it will come to VGA card :)
CPU Cooler for cool & quiet: 120mm fan support + big. What coolers can you buy in the shop you are ordering the other parts?:)

Da_Boka 6th June 2008 16:41

I will order the most parts from, but i haven't checked out tones nor other webshops, my screen will come from forcom.

The gtx is priced at 23O euro and the GTS @ 190, is there a big performance diffirence towards the GTX, wich i think performce the best ( correct? )?

And any other suggestions for the motherboard? or is it the right choise?

Also for the gpu cooler, should i look at an aftermarket cooler?

jmke 6th June 2008 16:48

stock cooler for 8800/9800 is very decent :)
difference in performance is almost none 8800GTS 512<>8800GTX 768

but wait 1 month then decide on the GFX

Da_Boka 8th June 2008 21:48

Ok, i've done some research for the motherboard, it teached me that this is a good, mid range board, but still i don't that this is the board i whant!

Are there any other suggestions for the motherboard?
The rig wil not only be used for gaming :) it will be oced!

It seems like asus has some fine boards, like the p5e64 WS evolution, but that one is quite expensive.

Massman 8th June 2008 21:53

On air cooling, every middle/high-end motherboard of a respected oc-brand will suffice; Asus, Dfi, Gigabyte: all good.

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