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skattili 22nd February 2005 23:57

grayscale only on tv
Mine is a S3 twister video card. I have tried comnnecting my PC to my TV via a S-Video card. However inspite of changing the mode to PAL and tuning the TV I cannot see any colour on my screen. Anybody has any suggestions? Please help.


jmke 23rd February 2005 00:18

did you try any of these suggestions?

skattili 23rd February 2005 00:29

ofcourse I have tried all that

Bosw8er 23rd February 2005 09:06

Is it a color TV ? :D

I have 3 S-video cables, 2 give B&W, 1 gives color. If you tried all of the suggestions of the link above, you'd probably want to try another S-video cable or try connecting with composite

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