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goingpostale1 25th January 2006 08:14

Gigabyte K8NE and MBM 5 Hmonitor or ...
I'm wondering if anyone knows of a program to monitor the temperature of a Nforce 4 (4x). MBM 5 support has ceased to exist and Hmonitor doesn't either. I'm just looking to monitor cpu temps via windows. I've heard of speedfan, but is there anything else?

jmke 7th February 2006 13:20

did you try [g]speedfan[/g]? doesn't Gigabyte include a monitoring tool?

goingpostale1 9th February 2006 07:49

I tried Speedfan, but it gives me a reading of 29, 28 and 72 Celsius and isnt specific which sensor its concering on the motherboard. The 72 never changes, I've got a passive NB heatsink so I'm guessing that could be the source of hose unhealthy temps. My cpu runs around 35 * C load with 6 Panaflo H1As and a Freezer 64 at full speed. Havent had much success sifting though the sheer amount of useless crap abounding on Gigabyte's site.

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