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Vorda 2nd August 2004 17:37

gf4 card problem
quite an irritating 3d card problem..
Ever since I installed my new mobo (msi k8t neo fis2r) and cpu (amd 64 3200+), my 3d card (gf4 ti 4680 [=ti 4200]) started acting weird...

I first formatted my pc, installed xp, installed via drivers, network drivers, updated xp (sp1, etc), etc. then I did direct3d and after that my forceware.

but it cant seem to be able to run any opengl/direct3d application.. it doesnt freeze or so, but the textures are completely messed up. well, more then messed up.. they are practicly gone.. almost everything is white.

In dxdiag, under the d3d test, I can see the spinning cube, but it does not have the dxlogo.

I have not (yet :p ) overclocked this card.
I have tried about every possible bios option...

everything worked just fine on my prev mobo btw.

what should I do now? it seems the problem is some sort of compatibility prob between my mobo and my gf..

ps: all drivers are updated, same for the bios's

Vulk 9th August 2004 23:20

Test your card on another system.
Test another card in your system.
Try other drivers.

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