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deskjeter 7th February 2006 12:57

eATX power
hey all
I have an ASUS A8V-E SE motherboard that uses the 24 pin EATX power connecter (i presume its eATX cause thats what the manuel says :P ). ATM im useing just a generic 400w ATX power supply with the 20pin ATX power connecter and the 4 pin P4 connecter plugged in. It boots and runs fine, there are just some stabability (sp?) issues and i was wondering if this has anything to do with the fact im not useing EATX power?


jmke 7th February 2006 13:13

can you list all your components inside the PC (HD and CDROM included?)

also give us a bit more detail about what kind of problems you are experiencing? Does it occur randomly or do you notice a pattern (opening a certain application, starting a game, etc)

deskjeter 8th February 2006 06:10

really what i want to know is whether eATX is absolutly nesseary (sp?) for stable operation. All the other components work perfectly fine in another system.
Though if ur interested i have a
ASUS DVD dual layer 16x burner
2x 40Gb Seagate Barracuda HDD
6600GT 128mb PCI-e (by Pixelveiw)
Excel 108mbit Wireless Card
768mb DDR 400
Running Longhorn 5048 (though i have the EXACT same problems useing XP sp2).

deskjeter 9th February 2006 07:05

oh well, i went and bought a eATX power supply today and now things seam to be running pretty sweet. So let this be a lesson to everyone that those extra 4 pins do matter:P

jmke 9th February 2006 08:46

well, it's not vital to have a 24-pin power connector; but it does help stability issues. However have not experienced any problems running with an older 500W PSU with Asus K8N Opteron 144 OC to 2.7 and 7800GTX

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