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wutske 18th January 2006 19:39

DVD to AVI soft
I'm currently looking for a good program that can convert DVDs (also by using IFO/VOB files) to AVI.
It's has to have next features:
-subtitle ofset (in pixels) (because of cropping used in DivX) or cropping support that works w/ DivX6.1
-end time offset (setting end-time)
-DivX6.1 2 pass encoding support

the program that gets closest to this is DVDx2.3, but unfortunately, it doesn't support the 2pass encoding (anymore :huh: ).
The problem is, that it makes DivX to use the same setting for the 1st and 2nd pass (wich of course won't work).

Anyone suggestions???

jmke 18th January 2006 20:01

Sidney 18th January 2006 20:09

MP4 in Nero 6 compresses a regular DVD movie into less than 1G in size.

wutske 18th January 2006 21:47

Im' now trying the guide on doom9, it's a lot harder than DVDx, but it'll prolly give me better quality.

MP4 in Nero isn't realy an option I think, because our dvd player only supports divx.

Bosw8er 19th January 2006 08:59

divx create : 20$ = almost free
extremly easy + batch jobs

wutske 26th January 2006 06:29

I finaly now how to work w/ GordianKnot, except ...
The audio and video isn't synch :grum: . Anybody knows how to forecome this in the future???

Bosw8er 26th January 2006 08:13

There's an option available to sync audio in Gordianknot.
Follow the corresponding guide on doom9.

wutske 27th January 2006 21:29

I know, but it's not funny to find out that audio and video isn't synch after 6hours of encodig :) .
Well, I gues I have no other choise :D

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