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Vipera 27th July 2004 19:35

Dual channel
I have 2*256 ddr400 corsair cl 2 (rev 1.1 en 3.1 rma)
and they"re in single channel atm
I can't find something in the bios to enable it but I can check it with cpu-z
(p4, abit ic7g)
see bandwith
read write sc channel
and as you see i have only the halve of bandwith that I should have

I've got the same prob with other pc
p4, asus p4g8x deluxe en 2*256 apacer cl2

On the asus pc i can see thats its still single channel at the bootscreen.
In both pc's i've tried every combination (almost though)

Sharpside 27th July 2004 21:36

Have you put the ramsticks in the right slots?
You need to put 1 in the separate slot and the other in one of the other two that stand together (@my bord it needs to be in the slot the closest to the separate slot).
In case you have done this and you're still on single channel than those sticks might not be able to work in dual channel together altho i doubt that.
Correct me if im wrong people, im not 100% sure if im correct
:^D (just love this smily)

Vipera 27th July 2004 21:52

yep tried it

Sidney 27th July 2004 21:53

Sharpside is correct; just to put in my 2 cents;

Memory slots counting from CPU:


The are color coded - go with same colored slots.

The x's are where you put your sticks to activate Channel A in dual channel mode.

Your manual should explain how the memory should be installed also.;)

Vipera 28th July 2004 00:07

I know that I have to put the mem by the colors and I've read the manual :)
The mem sticks are now and since the beginning in dim 1 & 3 but still no activation of dc

Some people have told me already its the rev 1.1 & 3.1 are causing the troubles

Sidney 28th July 2004 00:19

I have two IC7 boards; the G series has onboard LAN; and both share the same BIOS, so I don't think the board revision has anything to do with the inability to activate DC.

I'd suspect your mem "may" be at fault.;)
Are they identical sticks?

Vipera 28th July 2004 00:30

I ment the rev of the mem sticks

Sidney 28th July 2004 00:44

Sorry, should have read it the 1st place.;)
No, different rev. won't work. I had the same problem when DC first came out.

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