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jmke 10th September 2002 14:14

DTM V8 demo Warning
Yesterday I installed the DTM v8 demo (2nd DTM demo released)
when starting the game the 1st time everything went fine in the menu's, but when starting the game nothing happened

I killed the process in XP and retried
during the startup-process of the game there is a warning stating = "Loading data , do not turnoff PC"

After watching this message for the full 10 minutes (previously it only appeared 5-10 seconds) I tried killing the app, but the PC had frozen, I restarted my system (reset button)

Guess what? It hosed my XP installation. The game blocks the SOFTWARE key in the registry, so XP is ****ed up

today I tried to install a new version beside my br0ken install (disk1 = br0ken , disk2 = 4gb free space, enough for install)

When I come to my PC after a while , I am faced with a BLUE screen.
restarting the system only gives me a black screen
reloading the setup gives me a corrupt format on my DISK2 (40gb of data is on that one)

so I'm royally screwed, I recovered everything from disk1 , and I'm reinstalling XP on clean 40gb of HD space

DISK2 however has a bad master boot record
fdisk /mbr is quite impossible :(

So I'm looking for a utility that I can run from Windows/DOS that can fix the faulty MBR of my 40gb disk2

my advice: Don't install the DTM V8 demo unless you are sure the PC may be hosed!

Tazmaniac 10th September 2002 15:09

Srry to hear that m8 ! :(

Thnx for the warning!



Bosw8er 10th September 2002 16:08

Sorry to hear that.

Blame Windows XP !
Even its Service Pack sucks !

jmke 10th September 2002 16:23

I still need to find a way to recover 40gb of data
it is on a broken NTFS partition
partition magic can't fix it :(

anybody know a tool I can use to recover the data ?

jmke 10th September 2002 18:55

GetDataBack 2.03 did the job
I recovered 35gb of data from the damaged NTFS partition on my drive
worked pretty quick too, the whole restore only took ~30min :)

thnkx for the tips Tazmaniac

Tazmaniac 10th September 2002 18:58

np jmke! :)

Next time when I need help, i'll call you !! :p



lazybones 11th September 2002 07:21


if you have bad sectors?
Try a low level format on the partition .
You can prob. can save the disk.
now the only problem is that the new bioses don't have the option anymore to do a low level format.

I've kept my old yd tx chipset mb with a k6 200mhz proc.
just for that purpos.
If you need it ? You can borrow it to do a low level format if you want. :)

jmke 11th September 2002 09:22

The HD itself is a-ok, but Windows XP setup screwed up the Master File Table
I was able to recover the data on the disk with "GetDataBack", formated the disk and copied the data back on there

whatever you do, never use Dynamic disks in Win2000/XP, it doesn't give any real advantages, and makes recovering data from these partitions a pain in the ***, and sometimes just quite simply impossible :(

Jay-Jay 11th September 2002 19:54

Indeed. I have used dynamic disks twice. And twice after a couple of weeks I lost all data and could not do an import into a new system.
So two times 160GB of data down the drain.
Never using dynamic disks again ;-)

Blue_Boy 13th April 2004 18:35

what are dynamic discs, how do i disable it?
after all these warnings, i just want to feel a tad safer :)

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