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mentalcrisis00 14th January 2008 01:17

difference between 2GB and 3GB?
Hey all

I have a Dell 1500 Laptop that I bought last september, I also bought 2x1GB Gskill DDR2 Ram for $70 with it because dells price was to expensive. The Ram has been working great but I'm looking to get a bit more speed out of my system, I'm a professional photographer and I work with alot of 1200 to 6400 dpi images in photoshop CS3 which can get over 2GB in size, needless to say the system slows down. Also I do play some games like Doom 3, HL2, and Crysis and they all drop frames at high settings.

Now to my ultimate question, seeming DD2 ram prices are so low now I can get a 2GB stick for $25-$40, I'm wondering if there would be any noticeable speed difference if I went from 2GB to 3GB of ram?


Dell Vostro 1500
2GHZ intel core 2 duo
2GB DDR2 ram
160GB sata drive
Nvidia 8600mGT 512MB
Windows XP media center

wutske 14th January 2008 08:13

The best way to know if you need more memory is to monitor the memory usage of you system using the windows taksmanager. If you see that it gets over 2Gb then you'll need more memory.

About the drop in framerates, more memory isn't going to help you, your card probably isn't fast enough to handle the highest settings of the games you play.

Gamer 14th January 2008 18:15

Yes, I play some BF2, and I must say, waiting times are reduced.
I"m almost always first at the airplane :)

Going from 1GB to 2GB did the most on my system.
4GB is overkill, but it helps.

goingpostale1 27th January 2008 22:17

I never noticed a difference between 2 GB and 3 GB of ram in XP. So much so I sold off the other GB. What speed is that hard drive? 5400 RPM?

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