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jmke 14th March 2009 13:24

Dell machines and hardware can be picky about memory, so I would try with another memory stick, dell approved if possible:)

jmke 14th March 2009 13:30


jmke 17th March 2009 09:22

just make sure that it needs ECC;)

jmke 7th November 2009 07:50

how did you pay? bought it new or used?

jmke 27th November 2009 06:46

battery problem?

jmke 30th November 2009 14:03

RAID 5 with 5x500Gb disks?

jmke 30th November 2009 14:42

2 partitions then? cause that should give you 4480gb? Unless you assigned a hot spare?
why more than one partition? :D

jmke 30th November 2009 14:54

you'll have some overhead on read/write on RAID5; but for normal disk setup, min of 53 mb/s is not bad; try to launch several read/write IOPs (use IOmeter or similar tool) to see how it scales

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