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LAWoody 24th August 2008 18:51

dead P45 platinum no post after reflash bios
My mistake went with msi live update , TO LATE , it happened!!
Now I get the little lites saying decomprssing bios to ram and a blank blue screen.
From my understanding the panel of lights tells you where your system stopped, it
is where Bios found a problem. So if you were doing a bios upgrade and it went bad
when you restart computor and bios is corropt, then that is far a it went .
That being said , why would you start swaping parts , if it was working before you started.
My problem is how to restore a bad bios if the system wont post thru the bad bios .
The new or old bios is larger, 4 megs, then the 1.44 megs that will fit on a floppy !!!!!!!!!
So now what?
Tried many time over the last week to get further then the the lights showing
" Decompressing bios to ram " which to me says that it did not complete "decompressing "
If so many people and members are having the same problem maybe MSI should step up and
come up with some answers. They have all these great engineers that created this so called live update .
Sorry for venting, but of the dozens of boars I have used over the last 30 YES 30 years I have never had so many problems updateing bios or any other functions of a mother board.
At this point being board is only 6 weeks old I guess I will have to RMA board :mad:
Any comments or sugestions would be appriciated :ws:

jmke 24th August 2008 18:55

Hey LAWoody, try to boot with only 1 memory stick; if that doesn't work, try with any old DDR2 stick; this might allow you to boot the system and flash the bios to another version

LAWoody 24th August 2008 19:09

Why 1 stick of Memory
I have read alot of posts about try with 1 stick of memory, but why if the system is or should say was working fine , is this a internal pre post reqiuremnet for the system to boot a minimum configuration??

LAWoody 24th August 2008 20:59

More on progress
Got this from MSI forum boards.

Of course, the steps are similar to the standard AMI BIOS Recovery Procedure for internal floppy drives (rename corresponding BIOS File to AMIBOOT.ROM, hit CTRL + HOME after starting the system).

What has to be done (tested on P45 Platinum):

1. An optical SATA Drive needs to be connected to one of the Intel ICH10R SATA ports. {After a lot of testing, I found that it does not work with the same optical drive connected to the SATA Ports hosted by the secondary JMicron Controller. Also, using an optical drive on the JMicron IDE/PATA port does not help either.}

2. A proper BIOS File has to be renamed to AMIBOOT.ROM and burned on an empty CD.

3. CMOS-Clear with main A/C power cable removed from PSU has to be performed. {If this step is not done, the system will reboot after pressing CTRL + Home and will not proceed with recovery procedure.}

4. Press CTRL + Home to trigger BIOS Recovery. -> The system should enter BIOS Revocery Routine. {Will basically work with both USB & PS/2 keyboard. However, a PS/2 Keyboard is recommended as the system will respond earlier to PS/2 Keyboard than to USB Devices.}

What should happen now:

1. After pressing CTRL + HOME the LED Status should change to "Intializing Hard Disk Controller" and there should be access to the optical drive connected to the Intel ICH10R SATA ports.

2. It can take up to 30+ seconds until the BIOS File that was renamed to AMIBOOT.ROM is found. {Drive Bay can be opened to try a different CD without turning off or restarting the system.}

3. When the system finds the BIOS File, LED Status will change to "Testing RTC" and there should be a message on the screen indicating that the Flash Recovery Procedure has started.

4. Since the BIOS File is 4MB in size, it will take a while until the BIOS is actually reflashed.

Tried this also no help , (( RMA time I think ))

jmke 24th August 2008 22:00

I think you've gone beyond what normal users would do to try and revive a broken board. RMA should cover this, especially since it's a known issue!

LAWoody 7th September 2008 18:01

Well MSI gave me a RMA. Returned board and took about 10 days got board back . BIOS good now . But I think I found the real problem. My xfx 9800 gtx
is given me some problems. tried restrting computer after replacing board. Gets past post stuff but dies 1 minute after entering windows. many times ,just locks up nothing works. took my second hard drive loaded windows xp anf MB drivers and guess what works fine. but, after loading driver for video card system unstable again and wont get past windows start up screen . went to safe mode and removed nivida driver for card and all works , this is where i am writing this from now .
I heard that nividia is having issues with the g92 processor boards.
I am almost tempted to go get a differnat video card and go back to my other hsrd drive remove video driver and see what happens .
Any thoughts ??????????????????????????????

jmke 7th September 2008 18:53

what drivers are you using under Vista 64b?

LAWoody 7th September 2008 19:06

video I used the disk that came with video card and then tried the new ones out for vista 175.16 and 177.79 from xfx . they all cause lock up and when running windows xp tried the ones for XP. if I dont load drivers then all works ok ????

jmke 7th September 2008 19:56

so under Vista 64b and under XP system locks up the moment you install VGA drivers? I would expect a hardware error in that case

LAWoody 7th September 2008 20:33

retring somethings
I am going to go back to hard drive with Vista on it and try removing vid driver to see if stable without vid driver wil let you know what happens.
Any thoughts on the MSI Bios update for 9800 vid card support that MSI says is in there new BIOS update ?

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