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jmke 23rd March 2009 13:38


but i cant mod the boot.ini
what do you mean, you can't modify it?

wutske 23rd March 2009 13:51

Start the windows xp installation again, go to repair and type fixmbr
Not sure if it works, but I guess it would :D

jmke 23rd March 2009 14:02

bootcfg /rebuild
if those don't work >> fixmbr

jmke 23rd March 2009 16:29


@JMke when i atach the hdd to another computer,open D:boot.ini with "kladblok" edit it,and when i try to save i cant because its read only.
right mouse click the file, choose properties, remove system & read-only attributes ;)
try those first, the other steps are if the manual edit of the boot.ini doesn't work.

jmke 23rd March 2009 17:55

Tools -> Folder Options -> Show Windows Protected Files

jmke 24th March 2009 11:38

boot from XP cd, choose recovery console; log on to recovery console

BOOTCFG /rebuild

restart machine

wutske 24th March 2009 13:32

problem is that he can't get into the recovery console because he doesn't have the admin password.

A possible, but rather tricky workaround is to copy the MBR of a working windows disk over the MBR of the bad disk. Only thing you need is a linux live cd like knoppix.

jmke 24th March 2009 13:42

search the web for boot CD linux to reset XP admin password, works like a charm:)

jmke 24th March 2009 20:26

don't quit now! :)
download burn the .ISO inside the .zip to a CD (with nero for example) then boot with the broken XP HDD connected; follow the steps outlined to reset the admin password (but as blanco, very easy :))
then you access recovery console.

this is how I restored a broken XP install on a laptop last friday from a PC from a friend of a friend, did not have admin password either and trying to boot XP gave "file not found issues" on some system crictical files

JimmyJump 3rd December 2009 12:52


Originally Posted by James Madison (Post 249719)
Hi Friends,

It also happened with me 2-3 times. Earlier, I did not have UPS so due to power failure I had to cancel my XP installation but still after removing all the XP files some hidden files remains in the system which may harm your next OS. So, better try to format your current drive and re-install it.


What happened with your install has absolutely nought to do with what happened with Koensa... In your case, due to the power failure, there's a high probability some HD sectors were screwed-up during the black-out. That happens, especially when the cache of the HD is activated...

A reformat can do the trick, but it's always best to do a checkdisk first, before formatting a HD.

As far as "some hidden files remains in the system which may harm your next OS" goes, you'll have to elaborate on that as it sounds like Mandarin Chinese to me. Since you were in the process of an install, it seems pretty obvious that you re-format the HD after power came back and the first install couldn't be continued.

I've installed XP hundreds of times and never ran into issues with left-behind files, be it after a clean install, upgrade, overwriting an existing XP or quick- or normal formatting...

Then again, maybe I was lucky. ;)

I wonder how Koensa's probs fared?


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