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Kerry 26th September 2006 10:41

Can't get D: HDD to list in My Computer
D: drive no longer in My Computer.

ASUS P4P800 SE (working perfectly for two years, no overclocking)
BIOS 1008 : 015 (Build 2/17/05)
XP Pro
3 WD 10,000 RPM Raptors in RAID-3
1 80 GB WD HDD
1 Maxtor 40 GB HDD
NetCell 3-Port RAID card

I just upgraded to NSW Premier 2006. Because I have 3 raptors connected as RAID-3 NSW tried to install Go Back and couldn't. It created a big mess—finally resolved, but now I can't access my D: drive. It's not even listed in My Computer yet my external Maxtor is.

All three drives (C: = Revolution = RAID-3 config), the Maxtor USB external, and the WD 80 are all listed in Device Managrer > Disk Drives >.

All were working perfectly before the NSW fiasco..

I did have to mess around in BIOS to fix the GoBack problem and forget what I may have changed; this is how the BIOS reads now.

Primary IDE Master: WD80
Primary IDE Slave: Not detected
Secondary IDE Master: CD
Secondary IDE Slave: DVD
Third IDE Master: Not detected
Fourth IDE Master: Not detected

IDE Configuration
Onboard IDE Operate Mode: [Enhanced Mode]
Enhanced Mode Supprot On: S-ATA
Configure S-ATA as RAID: Yes
Serial - ATA Boot Rom: Disabled

Boot Settings
Boot Device Priority
First boot device: Revolution (the raid-3 drives)
Second boot device; CD
Third boot device: Maxtor (external HDD)

Hard Disk Drives
1st Revolution
2nd WD 80

Any idea what's happnening?

Thnak you,


Kougar 27th September 2006 04:42

Try going to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management, and select "Disk Management". See if it lists the missing WD 80 in there, if it does it will give you the current status of the drive.

You said it is listed in the device manager, so it should be listed in the BIOS... Also could try right-clicking it from the device manager menu and selecting uninstall, then rebooting and seeing if it comes back properly...

Kerry 27th September 2006 06:42

Yes it's listed in Disk Management. It reads.

Disk 0 C: drive Healthy (System)
Disk 1 Local Healthy (Active)
Disk 3 Maxtor Healthy

I believe Disk 1 used to read: D:

My Computer still only lists C and G (Maxtor)

From Device Manager I uninstalled WD 80 and rebooted but everything remains the same.

As you said, and as mentioned above, the WD 80 is listed in the BIOS Primary IDE Master


Kougar 28th September 2006 08:32

From the computer management area I'd suggest checking the drive by right-clicking on the bar graph it presents, and seeing if it gives you an option to reactivate or import the drive over.

Have you tried WD's drive analysis program on it yet?

If you didn't have any data on it ya might as well try reformatting it from there, just be doubly sure ya have the correct drive first. ;)

Before you do, you should verify it's an EIDE drive, I don't recall that all of them were. If it's the only IDE drive you have (And it looks that way) then you should try changing the BIOS setting you've listed as "Enhanced Mode" back to whatever is normal/default.

Shotgun approach, but hopefully something will do the trick for ya.

Kerry 28th September 2006 10:29

Hi Coygar,

Thanks for all the tips. It's now working. The fix involves removing NSW GO Back from the D: Making an NGBOOT.iso CD and booting to CD and electing to remove the GoBack.

Thanks for your support,


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