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karlpitt 17th July 2010 08:08

Best tool for permanent delete ?
somebody suggest me the best tool for deleting data permanently ?
thanx in advance

wutske 17th July 2010 10:19

What's with all these 'best tool' posts by new memebers lately ?

Best tool: a large caliber gun ;)

jmke 17th July 2010 10:33

smelling some spam scheme :) they also share IP addresses :p

Gamer 17th July 2010 10:45

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colrichels 21st July 2010 12:17

I can suggest you 1 tool that will remove all ur data permanently forever and no other tool can also be able to recover it.
Madshrimps Forums Tools , it has a tool named Spamming Forums that does the permanent deletion of the data,but be cautious once the data removed can not be recovered anyhow.
I found it best u can also try this

u can download this from nowhere.

good luck!!!

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