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Gregory Cortez 16th July 2010 15:20

Best Defragmenter/Optimizer tool.!!
Hi Guys,

I am looking for the BEST Hard Drive Defragmenter/Optimizer..Can anyone tell me what's the BEST defragmenter/Optimizer is for Windows Vista Ultimate..I am trying to optimize the performance of my Hard Drive and have yet to find a program that meets my needs..!!

If someone knows any tools Plz tell..!!

Thanks :)

jmke 16th July 2010 16:27

I would use the money spend on defrag tools to buy an SSD to put your OS and most used applications on there. no more defrag needed :)

I just finished imaging my OS/App drive from HDD 7200rpm to 80Gb Intel SSD.
boot time before was ~5minutes and launching apps, games, alt-tab between apps was not very snappy
with the SSD systems boots under 60 seconds and is usable right away, all apps open instantly; a true upgrade, multiple times faster.

Kurgan 16th July 2010 22:24

+1 for the SSD,

If your looking for something to "meet your needs" you should be looking at an SSD. I grabbed an OCZ Vertex Turbo 120 GB a couple months back and love it, huge difference right away.

"very soon to be geek dad"

wutske 17th July 2010 00:52

I certainly would not spend to much time or money when looking for a good or the best defrag utility because there's basically no such thing. Every defrag utility has it's own method. Method a might give the best results for photoshop, but method b works better for BFBC2 while method c is better for windows.

Also, you'll hardly notice the performance improvement unless your hard drive is severely fragmented. Just run a defrag tool like one in a month, keep your swap file, temp files (windows, ie, ff, chrome, photoshop, etc) on a different partition (eg. the first 20Gb of your disk) and you're one step ahead of fragmentation.
Put your documents on another disk as you're unlikely to notice any change when these files are fragmented.

jmke 17th July 2010 11:13


Originally Posted by Kurgan (Post 260420)

"very soon to be geek dad"

:woot: congratz :D

Gamer 17th July 2010 11:46

Patrick Robinson 20th July 2010 08:01

Best Defragmenter/Optimizer tool.!!

jmke 20th July 2010 10:59

they do really come out of the woodwork these spammers :)

Patrick Robinson 2010-07-20 07:48:01
josephduff 2010-07-19 14:02:19
jacksmith 2010-07-19 13:51:48
youngpaul 2010-07-17 09:33:44
karlpitt 2010-07-17 09:04:26

wutske 20th July 2010 11:29

Absolutely bizare spamming scheme they have :-p

jmke 20th July 2010 11:32

on forums which have no active users these self contained conversations do create a false user experience and marketing scheme; if a user searches on google for " " they would hit this thread and read about users recommending a certain crappy malware and think it's legit :)

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