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charles 19th November 2012 20:31

bad 7850?
Hi guy's ! I have a Sapphire 7850 overclock edition with 2 gigs of ddr5 ram in a Gigabyte z77-d3h motherboard with 8 gigs of Kingston hyper x memory 1600 mhz.and a antec 500 earth watts power supply windows 7 64 bit. and a I5 3330 cpu.. ok when I surf the web or watch videos or movies all is great.But as soon as I play a game ,Dirt, BF3, or even an older game like Halo or far cry I get a black screen and no signal and the last sound heard is looping..only way out is to hold the power button and restart. there is never any message to say that there was an error ? I see others posting this on some other sites,but was wondering if anyone here has had this happen to them and any ideas to what is causing this .Btw, the temp before the crash was only 45 Celsius.and the cpu is not overclocked.nor is the video card ..everything is stock speeds .Thank you for any info :)

leeghoofd 28th November 2012 17:33

PSU going bad ? Can you try the videocard at a friends place ?

charles 29th November 2012 00:40

I have tried the card in another computer yes and with the same results .And the other system has a Corsair HX750 750 watt power it's not lack of power. And again I have seen numerous complaints on this and other models of the HD 7850

leeghoofd 2nd December 2012 18:25

GPU bad then :(

charles 5th December 2012 17:50

Well I sent the card back and they are sending me another one ..Hope that this one runs better than the first one . I'll find out in a day or so . Thank you for the replies. I will post as soon as I test her out to let you know the results :)

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