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TimB 27th January 2009 19:21

Asus not honoring warranty
Anyone else here have to deal with Asus Tech Support? I have been getting the run around and letting them waste my time on an RMA for months now and am about out of ideas on how to get them to make good on a warranty. I have sent an A8N-SLI Premium in for RMA 3x now and every time it comes back it is still malfunctioning. The lead tech engineer has ignored further attempts at contact regarding the motherboard, and lower tech support has tried to blame my RAM and/or CPU, when talking to Kingston support and testing shows they are fine. Anyone know how to get through?

piotke 27th January 2009 19:43

What problem are you having ?

TimB 27th January 2009 20:09

original problem was a corrupt SATA chip, now it will take any 3 out of 4 ram chips in any 3 out of 4 slots, and the APIC is messed up, my winxp pro x64 install cd wont run the installer. I have gone into BIOS and verified the APIC is not turned off.

piotke 27th January 2009 22:55

Just wondering, you have flashed latest BIOS and are using an XP cd wintSP2 or 3 integrated ?

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