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geolikecard 17th August 2010 08:57

Hi does anyone know how to hook up 3 displays on one card .I have 2 of the AMD ATI RADEON HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 Video Cards and have 4 going now but only the HDMI and the DVI are working the other 2 VGA's are not they are showing up on the list of displays but it says to active I must first deactive one of the others But this card says it will work for 3 displays
any help would be great I have a Alienware Aurora Overclocked i7 930 QC 3.36 ghz. 8mb cache 6gb triple channel 1333mhz ddr with the dual 5670's

jmke 17th August 2010 09:31

Hi Geo, the small text @ AMD site reveals why it's not working:


to enable a third display you require one panel with a DisplayPort connector

so you need a monitor with displayport OR buy an active displayport to DVI convertor ($100 device)

geolikecard 17th August 2010 09:46

Hd 5670
yes, I read that I thought that was for the others that have the card with the HDMI on the outside of the card My HDMI is in the middle and VGA on the outside with the DVI on the otherside so many with the HD 5670 label , so they are saying it will work if I convert VGA to a monitor with a display connector or do I use the DVI to display or do I use a card with a display connector and why have a VGA and not a display connector from the start
maybe I could get a VGA to display and then a display to VGA and then back to a VGA plug on the monitor or that sounds to easy for a work around or to much trouble

jmke 17th August 2010 10:45

the only way it will work to have triple screens with ATI Eyefinity:
- Monitor with displayport
- Active displayport convertor to DVI

other solutions unfortunately don't work with reference design ATI cards

I struggled with the same issue when I tested HD 5870, wanted to hook up 3x24" LCD screens, after moving them all around I learned of the limitation regarding displayport... wasted a lot of time :(

geolikecard 17th August 2010 11:40

Hd 5670
So I need 2 display port convertors and 2 new 24 in lcds with Display ports or I buy one more HD 5670 and and hook the HDMI and the DVI to it, then theres six but then I have no more space left on my b0ard the Aurora only has 4 3 for cards and 1 for wireless card
is that right or I missed something sorry so long getting back

jmke 17th August 2010 11:47

you have 2 cards now, correct?
When I refer to Eyefinity, it's the ability to make 3 screens like "one big one"; so for surround gaming;
if your goal is to be able to hook up 4+ monitors (on each HD 5670 you have connect 2 screens) , than either one/two extra displayport monitor OR two active DP > DVI converters, allowing you to use any DVI monitor for the #5 #6

geolikecard 17th August 2010 11:59

Yes, I have 2 cards now but the cards do not have a display port so I have to use the VGA on the card or the DVI on the card then plug the convertor in the the VGA or DVI and the otherside of the converter has the display port that I have to buy 2 new screens for 5 and 6 or I'm not getting the convertor right I have VGA DVI and HDMI what part is plugged in to the convertor?
also If i have 3 5670's I can still do the 1 big screen out of 6 or 4 big for one and 2 for another or 2 or big out of 3 each

jmke 17th August 2010 12:09

the displayport port adapter goes into the VGA card, and gives you a DVI out; no need to buy DP monitor

geolikecard 17th August 2010 12:17

I see the dvi part the other 2 are what they don't look like VGA they look like a usb or a displayport what are they the othersde of the DVI I'm missing something sorry I don't see aVGA on the picture I tried sending you a picture of my card I can't get it to work it's 14mp picture

jmke 17th August 2010 13:51

the right side connector goes into DP port on the VGA card
the left USB goes into mainboard's free USB port for power
the other side is DVI output, DVI cable from your monitor plugs in here

resize your image using irfanview; my guess is your cards looks a bit like:

left VGA/D-SUB monitor1
middle DisplayPort through convertor to monitor2
right DVI to monitor3

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