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Darkstar 16th February 2004 22:53

AGP Question
When PCI-Express will be introduced later this year, will AGP immediately disappear or will the two co-exist for a while ?

I'm asking because I'm considering buying a new graphic card and I was wondering if it was worthwhile...

thx already !

piotke 16th February 2004 23:19

the new ati card will be AGP, from then on probably PCI express

jmke 16th February 2004 23:20

ATI will be releasing an AGP and PCI-E version of their upcoming card, I don't see why nVidia or others won't do the same. I think we will see up to 1 year that they will co-exist, and then some. You can still buy PCI videocards that can give you average/low performance in current games. says enough in my book :)

piotke 16th February 2004 23:23

Additional information

Found it all by myself :)

jmke 16th February 2004 23:25

nice one, I should give you a promotion.

Darkstar 17th February 2004 14:17

thx for the info

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