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easypanic 7th December 2003 20:51

9/10 that heatsink crushed your cpu :(

quarantaine 7th December 2003 20:55

try resetting the motherboard and let it rest for a couple of hours.
or you could deassemble everything and assemble it.

sounds strange but it could help.

Gamer 7th December 2003 20:58


don't give up yet.

easypanic 7th December 2003 21:02

Get the battery out of the motherboard for a couple of hours, and insert it then. This was a solution for alot of people already ;)

Gamer 8th December 2003 20:45

sure, do the test.

FreeStyler 9th December 2003 09:23

no beeps or other signals: CPU-Mobo-PSU.

easypanic 9th December 2003 21:56

koensa btw, my 9800 is totally borked now :) , damn those vmods :puke:

jmke 10th December 2003 07:58

expensive playtoys in my humble opinion

FreeStyler 10th December 2003 13:02

... and again, I'm not going to repeat myself @ infinitum.

piotke 11th December 2003 09:11

what part did you use twice ?

yes, the corsair and your screen :)

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