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biCker 22nd January 2003 21:15

800 mb / plextor 12-10-32A
os win millenium, burning software=nero with overburn enabled. This a friends rig, now he's trying to burn a 800 mb cdr, but the writer always ejects the disc saying there is not enough place. Did a firmware upgrade but still no go

Anybody has a clue??

[Bonbon] 22nd January 2003 21:31

tried a different brand / type of 800mb cd ?

biCker 22nd January 2003 22:01

no, and I have no clue of the brand, I believe they are sony's

[Bonbon] 22nd January 2003 22:24

maybe the plextor 12-10-32 is just to old ?
nero is latest version ?

Erik701 22nd January 2003 23:10


Originally posted by [Bonbon]
maybe the plextor 12-10-32 is just to old ?
nero is latest version ?

I have 3 plexwriters, 8x, 12x and 24x. They all write 800mb cd's.

anes 28th January 2003 19:50

expert features: maximum cd lenght above 99 mins? u are burning dao i hope?

T-power 28th January 2003 21:02

write cd @ once
before you start
restrictoiins low

It wouldn't be the first new type plextor that doesn't want to burn from 800 and more .

biCker 16th February 2003 15:11

looked into it again, disk-at-once did the trick, thx

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