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Nessmaster 14th April 2006 20:07

7800GT + Arctic Cooling = Too big?
I have a problem/question. Thing is, when I bought my mobo I also bought a northbridge heatsink/fan (which works great BTW). Well, my mobo (the Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI) has the nforce 4 chipset located right behing one of the PCI-x16 slots. Thus, installing the heatsink/fan I soon found out that the 7800GT would not fit in that PCI-x16 slot. So, I poped it into the other one. This however created another dilema, my sound card.

My Sound card is located right next to my graphics card. This was always a concern (heating) for me, but it didnt seem to butcher airflow too much running my 7800GT at stock speeds. But now, ever since I've decided to start some overclocking on my GPU as well, I soon relised that while the temperatures with the stock heatsink/fan are somewhat "OKAY", I would rather have it being cooled by the Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Revision 3 cooler.

This is where my concern comes into play. As you can see from the picture below:

The space between the 7800GT and the sound card is about 3cm wide and I'm not sure wether or not the Artic Cooling NV Silencer will fit. And even if it does fit, will it be too close to the sound card to kill airflow comming out of the cooler?:(

jmke 14th April 2006 20:23

I'll let you be the judge:

from my upcoming VGA roundup:

Nessmaster 15th April 2006 01:40

I dont know...

Its kinda close to tell. I could always switch back to the stock heatsink/fan for my northbridge, which wasnt all that bad afterall.

What is considered a good temperature, an OKAY temperature, and a bad temp for the 7800GT? I only know that the driver has it set by default to shut down when the graphics card reaches 118C. Currently it runs about 50C idle and 68C under gamming (like CS Source and BF2). Maybe I dont even need a cooler for it...

jmke 15th April 2006 04:51

I would try to remain under 90C when not overclocking;

jmke 19th April 2006 21:06

Dumb me...

it has all the dimensions in detail drawn out of the NV Silencer

Nessmaster 19th April 2006 22:51

I can't view PDF files =(

jmke 19th April 2006 22:55

Violator 20th April 2006 01:09

You can't use the first PCI slot if you want to use a Artic Cooling NV Silencer in the second PCIe slot. It will fit but the fan can't spin because it has al little tip, this will be stuck on the audio card.

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