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SuAside 5th February 2005 11:22

6800GT complete screen corruption & reboot
I recently bought a Leadtek 6800GT AGP / Winfast A400 GT TDH and now I am experiencing serious problems.

First everything was going fine and the card performed perfectly. After some time the computer would completely lock up and display a weird pattern like this:

other pics:

Seconds after displaying this pattern the computer would crash and reboot. At first this was very rare & I believed it to be a fluke.
Then this became a lot more frequent, artifacts and errors would show up a minute or so before the actual crash:

I checked all other hardware in my computer including the PSU (Antec True Power) & found everything working well. I booted with the bare necessities (mobo, cpu, hdd, 1 stick of memory & 3dcard) and still i encountered the same problem.

Since I had a 9800pro 3dcard prior to this nvidia based card i thought it might have something to do with the fact that some parts of the ATI driver might not have been deleted properly. I decided to uninstall the current drivers, run drivercleaner from and reinstall a clean pair of drivers from the leadtek website. Still no dice, so I reinstalled with the official Nvidia drivers instead of the Leadtek packeted/modded ones. Still having the same problem.

Hence I formatted my OS partition and made a clean start. The install procedure (xp, SP2, dx9.0c) went flawlesly, but after installing the leadtek/nvidia drivers I couldn't even get passed the log-in screen:

After that I went into safe mode & installed older drivers (previous gen), hoping it would be a simple driver problem (since the lock ups only start after installing the drivers & everything is fine in safe mode). But no such luck...

Basically I have run out of ideas.
If I overlooked something please tell me ;)

All help with this is greatly appreciated, but I think this will be a clearcut case for RMA...

PS: yes, the card is running @ stock speeds atm, reported temperature has never gone over 70c & the card shows no signs of external abuse
PSS: excuse the poor quality of the pictures, they were taken with a cellphone

Sharpside 5th February 2005 13:28

I had the similar thing when i busted a ram ship on my old ti4600
I think rma is your only option.

Dentnvr6 5th February 2005 15:33

I had the exact same problem with my sapphire x800 pro vivo. Artifacting is usually a memory-related problem and since your's an nvidia and mine is ati, we can disclude driverproblems.
I rma'ed mine, I suggest you do the same:(
Did you by any chance put heatsinks on the rams?

Sharpside 5th February 2005 16:40

Funny, i see your card is a leadtek, mine was one too.

easypanic 5th February 2005 17:45

Memory issue I guess, you have a borked memory chip on your card.

SuAside 6th February 2005 17:50

yeah, my first hunch when i saw the problem was memory corruption. was really hoping for it to be my own stupid fault somewhere... exams were over & i wanted to game the card to pieces!!! :p


Originally posted by Dentnvr6
Did you by any chance put heatsinks on the rams?
it's leadtek ;)

they put in a copper heatsink of something like 700gr that covers the gpu (front & back) and the memory

|-Black-| 9th February 2005 01:07
i've had thesame screen when i've overclocked my memory of x800xt too high. So i guess this is a memory issue.

SuAside 9th February 2005 09:50

yeah i returned it for RMA yesterday.

due to the random nature of the lockups i'm pretty sure it's a corrupt/faulty vidram problem.

we'll see what they say in a week or so... i'm pretty sure i'll get a brandnew card.

ssl6 11th February 2005 11:23

ya, screen corruption of that manor from my experience has always been bad memory on the videocard

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