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wolfdale 2nd March 2008 13:55

Hiya ppl hope everyones cool,, im new to this forum so be gentle,, my current pc setup is an msi 865pe neo2-p board with a 2.6ghz celeron chip and 1.7gig of ddr1 memory,,ive just bought a new motherboard of a friend,,an Asrock 4coredual-sata board and looking to buy a decent performing chip to work nicely with this board,,ive already looked at chips like the Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 Socket 775 (1.8GHz) but wud this setup be good as i will only have my graphics card which at the mo is a 256meg 6600le.

Im also on a budget of around 70pound for the chip, so if anyone has any good pointers as to chips then please help,,ive heard alot of god things about the new board and wud like to make it into a great little performer,,ive heard the e2200 is a good chip.


jmke 2nd March 2008 14:00

E2160 will be quite good, you should get easily over 2.6ghz out of that chip with stock cooling, offering excellent performance for the money: 04

VGA card in your budget range HD 3850 will be an impressive step up, and price point near €100

wolfdale 2nd March 2008 14:05

Thanks,,what about the e4500,,ive heard alot about that and wud i still have good performance if i used the board,,new chip and my 6600le

jmke 2nd March 2008 14:07

E4500 is going to be discontinued, better stick to E2xxx series or jump straight up to E6x50 or E8xxx

wolfdale 2nd March 2008 14:09

ok like i say my budget is 70pounds so what would performance be like with the board,,chip and my 6600le,,would it play games like CRYSIS etc

jmke 2nd March 2008 14:09

6600LE won't run Crysis ;)

wolfdale 2nd March 2008 14:11

would a 3850

jmke 2nd March 2008 14:18

1024x768 & 1280x1024 playable at mid/high detail settings

wolfdale 2nd March 2008 14:22

cool so i could really get a good upgrade for my computer for quite cheap

jmke 2nd March 2008 14:25

yes the low-midrange CPUs and VGAs are very affordable now and allow current games to run smoothly, Crysis is the heaviest of them all; other games and older games will run like the wind:)

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