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Desert Eagle 8th August 2006 21:12

2 Gb of DDR Ram
I wanted to upgrade my pc wit 2*1 gig ram sticks.
I want the best performance , and some oc potential if possible.
My cpu/memory( OCZ pc3700 Gold rev3.0 2.5-3-3-8) goes to 250 fsb (1:1) with no problems, rockstable, but i just want more ram memory.
I've heard/ read that if i put 4*512 into my pc it slows down the system instead of 2*1024 memory sticks.
Is this memory good/ speedy ?

jmke 9th August 2006 13:40

PC3500 is not quite 250Mhz, you should look into PC4000 sticks or GSKILL DDR600 (to really give you headroom) or Team Group.

get higher rated models for AMD S939 system

Desert Eagle 9th August 2006 22:50

Ok. I'm gonna look for those on the internet.
Do you know some good shops in Belgium where i can find those?

jmke 9th August 2006 22:52

Bytesatwork has a nice collection also Crazycamel

enthusiast minded shops who also had/have banners running at the main site.

Desert Eagle 10th August 2006 17:27

Thx :super:

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