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Vorda 21st January 2006 13:38

0x0000007B error on XPS
had this error ever since I got my new XPS M170. I never got into windows, so I thought it might be a bad installation. I used the dell diagnostics cd, chkdisk, scandisk, fujitsi diagnostics and finally a fujisti low lvl format and then again a full system check. everything went without errors. then (after 6+ hours of wiping and testing) I was going to reinstall windows... yet again that error!! now while it is loading the hdd/raid drivers (after the 'press F6 to blabla' line).
I also searched on the net for a driver copy from the hdd, but didnt manage to find one. every source stated that winxp already had the driver.

any advice? seems like doa to me though.

jmke 21st January 2006 14:38

smells like a case for dell support

wutske 21st January 2006 15:15

you probably already saw this one?

or this?

here somebody fixed the problem by using checkdsk /p

Normaly there shouldn't be problems, but try checking the BIOS (it can always happen, my dad ones received a server for review that had the L2 cache disabled in the BIOS :rolleyes: )

Vorda 21st January 2006 16:13

latest bios version already on it --> dell support.

thx for the tips though!

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