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jmke 29th March 2005 20:43

Winbond BH-5 Memory Burn-in Guide
by Uwackme

1. Set memory voltage to 3.3V
2. Set FSB to something high but not too high, e.g. 230 FSB
3. Run memtest86 and loop "test 5" for a few hours

If you get no errors at your this speed, increase FSB, all the way until you start getting errors. When you do, continue to loop "test 5" for hours, the errors will decrease or will be less frequent, soon enough they will magically disappear all together. When this happens, increase the FSB and try again.

4. On the errors... a few is ok, but not a bazzillion. You want the ram getting the crap kicked out of it, and too many errors, the program goes into subroutines to log them instead of hammering the ram. So a "few errors"...10-20-50-100 is ok, not not K's. I liked 10-20 max PER LOOP of the test. The thing is, when errors are found it takes a break to record the tally.... which takes time away from HAMMERING the ram.

5. Yes the idea of keeping the error rate low is that the program will take time away from hammering the ram to "tally" the error, and the idea is to hit the ram as hard as possible, so try to target the FSB at the point where errors start but not so high that ALOT of errors occur (as this would take away from the overall effect we are trying to acheive...HAMMER the SNOT out of the ram).

6. For burn in its not required to set it to the highest voltage possible. Instead, and this is confirmed by OCZ, set the Vdimm to 3.2-3.3V and run it in memtest at as high an FSB as it will run without getting more than a few errors on a pass. Now at that FSB point, give it 24-72 HOURS of burnin, keeping the ram cooled with a fan blowing on it. Hopefully the ram will "improve" over time and the errors will reduce/disappear. Try increasing the FSB a couple Mhz every say 4-6 hours, and continue burning.

should work for Winbond UTT and OCZ VX also

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